About Vulftank

Vulftank is Evan Tank. He's a designer from Indianapolis, IN who is currently speaking in third person. He's always wanted an excuse to learn how to use shopify as well as how the print-on-demand biz works. This is the result of those learnings.

Ok no more third-person. Listen, printing-on-demand is a numbers game. Have you ever seen those insane, incredibly specific t-shirts online that say something like "I'm a WELDER who was born in MARCH and I won't take no crap from nobody in WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA and my CRAZY WIFE loves me and is an AQUARIUS so you better watch your back!"? Those shirts are printed-on-demand. It's very easy to upload a hundred variations of one design into one of these apps and then print them onto hundreds of different products that are sold in dozens of colors. They are generally very low quality and sold via targeted Facebook ads to boomers on ipads in la-z-boys. The margins are low and the costs are high.

When Vulf announced VOSM, I got excited! I'm a designer who likes to design fun things. I've also always wanted to learn how to set up a store of my own on the internet. So I told myself: Let's make products.

I'm not here to slap the vulf logo on 15 different colors of cheap t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases to make a bunch of quick cash. I want to support one of my favorite bands and design things that I would use and also make fellow vulfpeck fans smile or at least say 'hey that's cool.'

With that, I (maybe unfortunately) have a bit of a high standard for the kind of t-shirt that I would like to wear. This means that the price for that t-shirt is going to be a little higher than the bottom of the barrel options that a lot of stores are printing on. Those people are trying to make a lot of money - and good for them! I promise you I'm not making a million dollars. I'm not making thousands of dollars, even. Word is still out on whether I will make multiple hundreds of dollars. I'm less focused on squeezing ca$h out of every sale. My goal is to break even and sustain the monthly cost of a shopify store. If that doesn't happen, that's ok! I learned a lot along the way, and knowledge is power.

Thanks to Oh No Type Co for crafting all of these very cool, very beautiful fonts that you see on every one of these products. They are what make everything on this website look as cool as it does. Seriously. If they didn't exist Vulftank wouldn't exist. That's why I paid for them - and if you are making anything for VOSM you better pay for them too, you weasels. Buy more fonts while you're at it. Everything he does is amazing. Oh No is a gem. A real beauty. I'm rambling now but I really appreciate the work that they do, and this is my website so I can say whatever I want.

And a reminder, 50% of all profits go directly to Vulfpeck! So go buy something! (If you want to!)