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The Blue Hat

The Blue Hat

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Tee time? More like ME time. Treat yourself to this embroidered, corduroy beauty. The Stuff of kings and queens. Gaddd this one is cool.

One size fits all and boy does it fit nicely. This one will take a bit longer to ship to the US because it's coming from across the pond. Latvia, specifically. But it's worth the wait.
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It's the honor system. This is an honor culture. Jack said it himself.


What's on-demand-printing?

On-demand-printing means your product is made after you place an order. This helps eliminate any unnecessary printing, inventory, and waste that usually comes with the merch industry. This also means it may take a couple of extra days to get to you. Days, not weeks. It's still pretty fast. Just not like, Amazon prime fast. I'm sorry I'm not Jeff Bezos. Actually I'm not sorry. I don't want to be Jeff Bezos. And neither should you!

Anyways you can read more about on-demand printing and why I chose to do it on my About page.


Check out the sizing page to get detailed measurements.


In short, everything should take about 7-12 days to arrive at your door if you are in the US. The hat ships from Latvia, so that will be more like 14 days. For orders in Canada, this may be a bit longer, or it may be sooner. If you order multiple products, it's possible that they may come in separate shipments. There's a lot of factors!

Due to the nature of on-demand printing, the products aren't actually made until you place an order. It usually takes a couple of days to print, and then a few more days to get to you once it's shipped. Don't fret, you will be updated via email every step of the way as we go through this journey together.